The Free State of Bavaria (German: Freistaat Bayern ) is a state bavariaof Germany,  located in the southeast. With an area of 70,548 square kilometres (27,200 sq mi), it is the largest state by area, forming almost 20% of the total land area of Germany. Bavaria is Germany’s second most populous state (after North Rhine-Westphalia), with 12.5 million inhabitants, more than any of the three sovereign nations on its borders. Bavaria’s capital and largest city is Munich, the third largest city in Germany. Bavaria shares international borders with Austria and the Czech Republic as well as with  Switzerland (across Lake Constance). Because all of these countries are part of the  Schengen Area, the border is completely open. Neighbouring states within Germany are  Baden-Wurtemberg, Hesse,  Thuringia and Saxony. Bavaria has long had one of the largest and healthiest economies of any region in Germany, or Europe for that matter.  Its GDP in 2007 exceeded 434 billion Euros (about 600 bn US$). This makes Bavaria itself one of the largest economies in Europe and only 17 countries in the world have higher GDP. Some large companies headquartered in Bavaria include BMW, Siemens, Rohde & Schwarz, Audi,  Allianz, Infineon, MAN,  Wacker Chemie,  Puma and Adidas. Bavaria has a GDP per capita of over $48 000 US, meaning that if it were its own independent country it would rank 7th or 8th in the world. More…



  1. Buna ziua.Numele meu este SORIN si chiar astazi am avut o disputa mai aprinsa cu un coleg pe o anumita tema.In continuare va voi expune tema cu pricina si sincer nu vas fi ocupat timpul cu o astfel de problema insa ami place intotdeauna sa stiu daca am avut sau nu dreptate in cea ce am sustinut,Voi incerca sa fiu scurt pe cat posibil. 1.In prima faza vreau sa stiu daca as fi prins muncind la negru in afara de repercursiunile citite din articolul dumneavoastra mi sar putea impune si interzicerea de a mai calca vreodata pe teritoriul GERMANIEI? Colegul meu sustinea ca in prima faza as putea fi doar expulzat dar ca la o noua infractiune de acest gen( adica munca la negru in GERMANIA)in afara de inchisoarea de rigoare sigur mi sar interzice intrearea pe teritoriu germaniei pe o perioada de timp.Eu am sustinut ca asa ceva nu se poate deoarece la granita nu ma controleaza nimeni.In cosecinta daca as fi expulzat si cu interdictie de germania as mai putea ulterior sa tranzitez doar ca turist germania? probabil ca ce am scris vi sar putea o nebunie dar sa nu uitam ca pentru mai putin sau pornit razboaie.Era o gluma normaI indiferent ca voi primi sau nu un raspuns,va multumesc anticipat si va doresc o zi cat mai placuta cu putinta

    1. Munca la negru nu se pedepseste cu inchisoarea ci cu amenda si nu exista nicio expulzare sau restrictie (valabila pt cetateni UE, pentru state non-ue exista consecinte asupra vizei de sedere).

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