Si eu ma simt umilit…

si, in consecinta, am semnat aceasta scrisoare:

Nick Mirsky, Head of Documentaries, Channel 4

Dear Sir,

‘The Romanians are coming’ – Series 1, Episode 1; Channel 4, Tuesday 17 February 9pm. A KEO Films production

It is very difficult to understand where the producers of this KEO programme are coming from and where they will take us. We, the signatories of this letter, can only presume and hope that the different episodes will touch on different categories of Romanians living in the UK, including the very successful ones, and those who bring a significant contribution to society in this country. Be that as it may, KEO Films’ introduction gives no inkling that the programme may have anything else in store for the viewer, but the lives of the deeply deprived Romanians and those living on the very edge of legality.

Suffice it to say that to KEO’s ‘Alex’ – a Romanian who was brought to destitution by unwisely evading tax in Canada and then fleeing the law to the UK – we have our own counterpart of another Romanian who reached these shores via Canada: the very successful entrepreneur Sir George Iacobescu, who came to London as a trusted Executive to the Reichmann brothers and built Canary Wharf!

We are writing to you in the hope that you realize that this episode has caused offense and hurt to the Romanians living here, and probably has caused alarm amongst your English viewers. The fact that the next episodes may restore a certain balance is no excuse for the singularly odd nature of the first installment, for its intrusive lack of humanity and the skewed picture it presents, in a programme presumably intending, in its totality, to give a realistic image of the Romanian communities and people living in this country. First impressions stay, though, and the depiction of Romanians in the UK is one-sided and unrepresentative.

You alone know whether the next episodes will restore fairness to the image of the group we signatories are all proud to be part of.

Yours faithfully, Iolanda Costide, AADipl RIBA FACC Principal, NTA16 Architects Ltd. 

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