Five reasons to invest in Western Region-Romania

cbc_ timisoara socinroThe actual business environment of West Region is the result of several factors contributing to the stability and the overcoming the economic crisis. The high level of FDI reached before 2008 and the fact that 24% of the top 100 exporters in the automotive sector are located in West Region, made the way through the economic crisis with minor job losses and no “gates closed” among foreign companies.

  1. Dynamic Regional Economy

The industrial sector of the region covers nearly all branches: information and communication technology, machine building, electronic parts, wood processing, mining industry, chemical industry, medicine production, textiles, food industry, ceramics and glassware, etc. With 50,048 industrial, construction and service operational companies (9.3% of all companies in Romania), West Region has a density of 26.04 enterprises for each 1000 inhabitants, above the national average (24.82 enterprises for each 1000 inhabitants). Read more